I come from a large family of Christian artists and educators who are passionate about the Bible, music, storytelling, and philosophy. It was in this environment where I first learned the beauty and reliability of the Bible. In college, I joined a thriving campus ministry where I gained a deep understanding of how the story of Jesus in the Bible applies to my life specifically and that ministry is something all Christians are called to, not just pastors on Sunday mornings. As I spent time studying the Bible and building relationships, I fell in love with this God who would choose rebellious and weak people like me to be His own through the death of Jesus. Motivated by this reality, I began to approach my work as a director, employee, friend, and student with a desire to make sure everyone knew about Jesus.

While I am not a Maryland native, I found it to be a precious home after graduating from Gettysburg College in 2012 with my BA in Theater Arts. While my life has been in a state of constant change, Grace Point has been a source of stability and support from the first time I attended a service in 2011.

Currently, I live in the DC Metro Area where I am training to be a manager at Starbucks and am pursuing my MA in Religion from Reformed Theological Seminary. I love Jesus deeply and my desire in ministry is to know Him and make Him known - whether I am serving a cup of coffee, visiting an old friend, performing in a local theater, or serving in my church. 

As the leader of the Children's Ministry at Grace Point on Thursday nights, I spend time studying the Bible and learning about Jesus with a fantastic group of children every week. My goal is first and foremost to share with them how the Bible is one story - made up of many stories - that reveal God's character, relationship to His creation, and plan for redemption in Jesus. Second, we are learning how to pray together, study the Bible, connect this huge story to our specific lives, and share what we are learning with others.

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